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Skype Coaching and Invision®

Don't live near the farm? No worries, help is just a call away! By learning Colette's signature Invision® Process, you will find lasting relief from anxiety and fear, and discover profound insights into the old patterns that keep you stuck.

Break free from your old story and step into your dream life. In doing so, not only will you find joy, you will also help us ALL create a new story for humanity. And yes, that statement is literal. "What we think about, we bring about" is technology, in my opinion, not just philosophy.

I also believe there is a large (but very, very quiet) group of us here on the planet today who share a common purpose: to hold within us the knowing of a thriving Earth where all life lives in harmony (including humans!) But in order for us to answer this collective call, we must each find our voice by clearing the static of old, imposed stories.

You are NOT just a physical body, nor are you your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You are also the one who observes, and while "observer" may sound passive, it is by connecting with this aspect of self that you discover the "more" that is you and the "more" of reality itself.

Answer the call. You know what's possible.. you might not yet trust it, but you can feel it. And together we will dream peace into being.

The Horsemuse Experience

Seeing my clients through the eyes of the horses is indescribable to me. It's raw and honest. No one can hide, and the truth is always profoundly freeing. 

How does it work?

Horses are prey animals, meaning they are hunted by predator animals in the wild. As such, they have evolved in ways that ensure their own safety:

Horses live and groups (the herd) and maintain a vigilant awareness of the environment, moment to moment.

As a result, they "read" everything, through sight, smell, sound, and by feeling and assessing energy. If YOU are present, they will also read you.

Do your behaviors (sight) match your feelings (energy)? 
Are you a threat?
Are you a leader?

Many questions are asked and answered in an instant. The feedback you receive occurs in real time, so it will change as you change. Feeling yourself shift into a new awareness or state of being is one thing, but SEEING the impact a new energy state has on the horses anchors your knowing.

Not only does a change become more real for you, observing a positive reflection in the animals gives you the confidence to know that your energy and your level of congruency (matching behavior with emotion) MATTERS. This is true for all relationships.

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