Invision® Process

Don't live near our farm? No worries, help is just a call away! By learning Colette's signature Invision® Process, you will find lasting relief from anxiety and fear, and discover profound insights into patterns that keep you stuck.

Break free from your old story and step into your dream life. In doing so, not only would you find joy, you would also be joining the movement to build a new narrative for humanity that could answer all of our dreams. And yes, that statement is literal. "What we think about, we bring about" is technology, not just philosophy, in my opinion, a tool both for transforming personal experience and influencing the world at large.

Look to the news, and you might feel hopeless, "Is there anything I can really do to make a difference?"

You can. There is a large (very quiet, very sensitive) group of us here today who share a common purpose: to help create an era of peace. Are you one of them? In order for us to answer this collective call, each of us must first find our voice by clearing the static of old, imposed stories.

You are NOT just a physical body, nor are you your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You are also the one who observes and creates, and while "observer" may sound passive, it is by connecting with this aspect of self that you discover the "more" that is you and the "more" of reality itself, and tap into the unlimited potential that exists in every moment where your creative self knows no bounds.

Answer the call. You know what's possible.. you might not yet trust it, but you can feel it. And together we will dream a new world into being.

How Invision® Works

Learning the Invision® Process is like learning a new language. No, there's no need for memorizing vocabulary and studying a new syntax... this language is universal! We all know it and use it every day, we're just not always aware of it. Invision® is not word based; it is the language of pictures, symbols, and metaphor.

Do you remember your dreams? Nighttime dreams are an example of this ancient pictorial language already at work. When you dream, you are often processing the days events, both literally and metaphorically. You interact with characters (some you recognize, some you don't) and visit a variety of environments.

Everything you encounter may have several layers of meaning: do failing brakes mean my car needs to be serviced (literal)? Or does it mean I feel like some area of my life is out of control (metaphorical)? One or both could be true, as could an entirely different meaning that is personal to me. "Failing brakes" may remind me of an old, real-life trauma. Maybe I wrecked a car by sliding on ice (couldn't brake), but then experienced an intense "coming together" type of support from strangers I had never before experienced. "Failing brakes" to me, might then take on the meaning of unexpected outcomes. Can you see the complexities here?

Invision® takes this language and goes a step further, showing us the potential if its transformative power. During an Invision® Process, we enter into a dynamic dialogue with our own subconscious mind. So instead of just experiencing and observing something as we do in dreams, we engage in direct conversation with these hidden aspects of ourselves while awake, feeling and shifting our way through emotional dynamics within the psyche in real time.

Breaking Free

So how do the changes we want to make actually stick?

So much of what we think, say, and do is automatic, and talking our way out of old ways of doing things is not always very effective. 

The Invision® Process gives you the ability to distance yourself from the intense feelings that arise, both from identifying an unwanted pattern AND ALSO from the disruption created when it is challenged. By developing the skill of observation, you not only find relief from this emotional turmoil, you also discover that your understanding of "you" may have been obscured.

When a client connects with and views himself or herself from the observer's perspective, it often causes a dramatic paradigm shift. A sudden new awareness that "I am something much, much more" becomes available and provides freedom from "I am" identities. "I am overwhelmed and stressed," for example, loses its power by moving through a very subtle but indescribably profound shift to "I am experiencing (viewing, seeing, visiting, etc.) overwhelm and stress at the moment." It births a new question...

If I am not my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, who am I? If I am not the role(s) of sister, brother, son, daughter, friend... who am I? Who is the one who observes it all?? And what might be possible from here??

Reading and thinking about this idea is mildly interesting at best. You must experience this perspective to know its impact, but once found, it is here that you become truly free and undeniably more powerful.