Jeanne Phillips

Who am I?

Master Intuitive Coach Jeanne Schraf
  • I love puzzles and mystery 
  • I feel the emotion/energy of just about everything: people, animals, plants, trees, objects, words, etc. 
  • I believe that perspective determines experience and is always mutable 
  • I am deeply connected to the spiritual and healing nature of horses
  • I have had experiences that don’t fit the publically accepted paradigm of reality, including ET contact experiences 
  • I believe that everyone, yes everyone, is always doing his or her best, that all behavior is directly dependent upon the current level of understanding of self 
  • I know that the world we see is a dim version of a larger reality, that our physical senses paint only a partial picture of the truth 
  • I believe that inner authority must replace outer authority 
  • I feel that words – spoken, written, AND unspoken – carry immeasurably more power and energy than we give them credit for
  • I question everything

You'll find more details about who I am and what I do below, BUT...

...I'm really here to be a nobody

Yes, I've done things, had experiences, accumulated labels, honed my craft, created a platform, (yawn...)... but forming an identity is not my main intent. I'm just like you, a human being living a life and doing everything I can to feel safe within a world of turmoil. 

So why am I sharing my story? 

Because none of us can single-handedly figure out the mystery of who we really are and where we are headed next. Expanding awareness is a group process, and most simply, we just need a place where we can find each other.

I share my experiences... you share yours... and together, we find our way!

The Invision® Process

Attending Colette's intensive and coach's training

Jeanne is a Master Intuitive Coach, having been personally trained by intuitive spiritual teacher, TV and radio host Colette Baron-Reid in the Invision® Process. 

A creative, right-brain exercise inspired by Jungian psychology, Invision® enables clients to identify and shift limiting subconscious patterns to create real and lasting change in their lives.

"Navigating emotion is a vital skill we all must learn, and Invision® is the most powerful and reliable vehicle I have found for being able to do this with ease. Relief from stress, fear, anxiety - any troubling emotion - is merely a thought away. Truly. Thank you, Colette." --Jeanne

Listen to archived interviews with Jeanne.

Early Days

Jeanne and McQuade at Hartwood Acres mid 1990's

When Jeanne was actively showing and teaching, her objective was to create harmony between horse and rider. Bridging the precision of equitation (proper form) and the development of deep connectivity with the horses, her teaching method established the basics of position, balance, and control for the beginner, and imparted sensitivity and 'feel' to the more advanced rider.

No longer teaching in this traditional sense, she co-founded Mystic Mountain Retreats, LLC with Diane Market-Gaston in 2012 and now helps people connect with horses for the purpose of personal growth.

Ahh yes, come play with us and let our horses show you who you really are!